I grew up in the UK and have always had a passion for art and building things. My Dad's motto used to be "why would I buy one when I can make it myself" so that definitely inspired me to get creative with anything that was lying around. 

I've studied product design and illustration and worked as a graphic designer, screen printer, signwriter and technical illustrator. I love doing anything which engages my art brain and lets me learn new skills.

I've been in New Zealand for 22 years now with 10 of those in Christchurch. It's a fantastic place to live with so many contrasting places to explore and find inspiration. 
I started working with the metal from tin cans in 2019. Initially starting as a small piece of art created as a gift it managed to transform into an exciting concept with huge possibilities and a drastic need for a lot more tins of baked beans. 

The great thing about using tin cans as a medium is being able to apply the corrugations in the metal almost like paint stokes. Changing the direction or using a different part of the metal alters the look and the texture of the piece. I always like to paint my work rather than leave the bare metal. I find adding bright colours and playing with a mixture of finishes gives me another way to transform the appearance of the surface and give more character to the final result.


Duncan Nash - Profile pic.jpg