Elisha Clarke-Jordan



I learnt the fundamentals of sculpting from my father, Bill Clarke, an artist in Central Otago. This rugged, stunning landscape provided inspiration for my artwork.The medium of stainless steel is my preferred material for bringing my ideas to life in 3 dimensional forms that reflect the lifelike look that I want to achieve. I often bring an element of whimsey into my sculptures, reflecting the playfulness abundant in nature.

I choose to work in stainless steel to give durability to my sculpture and so my sculptures will last a lifetime outside. I work mainly with marine grade stainless steel so no matter where they go they will last in any environment. Even though I work with the rigid medium of stainless steel I find it a rewarding challenge to make it reflect the softness of an animal and with this I hope to achieve a lifelike and realistic form that will be recognisable and people will enjoy.