Goran Trpkov



I'm Goran Trpkov. I was born in 1988 in Veles, Macedonia (currently North Macedonia). I graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts at the Fine Art Faculty in Skopje, Macedonia in 2011.

I moved to New Zealand in 2013 to study 3D art and graduated with a bachelor of Art and Design in 2015.
Since then I've been working as a digital artist professionally, while in my free time I've tried to 
get back to traditional media. In the past two years I've set myself to become a painter and got into painting with oil on wood and ACM panels. My idea is at some point in my life to make painting my professional career full time. It is something I love doing and find endless fascination with. There are so many avenues I am willing to explore both in narrative, conceptualization, expression and technique.

My current work is an amalgamation of a creative output that tries to be so many things all at once, 
and this is why I couldn't find a single thing that binds my current work, they don't stick to each other in most aspects.

I like exploring figures, portraits, light and atmospheric phenomena, Mythology and narrative, perception and qualia, human nature, metaphysics and psychology. 
I like to experiment with the qualities of oil impasto, dripping and various other techniques, in hopes to use these as a language to convey meaning and quality.

Their artwork is featured in the following exhibitions: