Janice Napper



“I feel very connected and meditative through the creating process, especially when the artworks evolve organically.  When I finish that connection my hope is for others to enjoy it and engage with it on a personal level.”    Janice Napper Artist


Originally from the South Island Janice Napper is a contemporary multi-media artist based in Auckland. Her work has always been characterised by a highly skilled handling of colour to generate vibrant, glistening artworks which have the power to alter and transform our emotions.

She was one of the early adopters of resin and gel coat and has learnt to master the technical challenges of working with these mediums on a large scale. Being drawn to smooth, high gloss surfaces continues as she paints on acrylic perspex which allows the mediums to flow and be moved during the drying process to achieve wonderful rhythms and alchemic reactions.

The fluidity of her captivating works exudes a confidence from this self-taught artist pushing her polymer and resin mediums to the limit.

She embraces an endlessly inventive range of subject matter and styles. Where earlier works were the essence of things New Zealand, other series are organic circular forms, with rings of colour. Napper’s practice continues to captivate her audience with her modern abstracts and impressionistic landscapes often with objects of hidden interest for the viewer.

Her background in advertising is evident in her cutting-edge creative ideas coupled with a strong understanding of design and composition. However her one constant throughout is COLOUR.

Their artwork is featured in the following exhibitions:


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