roOm is the artist name that I create and show my work under. I grew up in Christchurch but found myself in the North Island and was Wellington-based for 19 years, but have relocated to Turanganui-akiwa, Gisborne, in recent years. I am interested in the anonymity that photography brings and I like the idea of the artist being invisible and letting the camera do the work.


I love the personal vision that photography brings out, my eye sees things differently to yours and yours different to mine. I also like trying to capture solitude and isolation in my images, travelling to remote or over-looked locations to photograph unusual scenes at dusk, dark or low-light.


As a photographer, my aim is not to improve a natural landscape or recreate a false-nature but what i do like to do is change the meaning of the space by bringing a touch of irony and human influence to my scenes (the good and the bad), using artificial props and very familiar human objects, icons and inventions to talk about the world around us.


roOm’s current collection of new work looks at environmental issues and humanity, how people try to fix everything quickly without looking at the real issues and realities of the impacts we have had on the planet.