Rose Sorren-Norness

Multi media


Rose Sorren-Norness is a Nelson artist, sculptor and creator. She believes art is all around us and sees beauty and intrigue in everything.


In her latest works, Sorren-Norness combines her expertise in interior and product design, with a love for the Japanese Kimono and the ancient art of Sashiko – the Japanese technique of exaggerated mending.


She has literally ‘stitched’ her past experience and present inspiration together – resulting in captivating pieces of three-dimensional art. Her artistic process is both creative, methodical and beautiful.


Her wooden ‘Sashiko Shields’ feature thousands of hand-drilled holes with stitches of natural linen and cotton fibre. They represent her exploration of geometric balance and beauty.


Each Kimono Sculpture has been hand-crafted from multiple pieces of wood, bonded together and painted.


In a reflection of the artist’s philosophy – these pieces offer both form and function – whether wall displays, sculptures or room dividers.

Their artwork is featured in the following exhibitions: